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Updated: Jan 13, 2020

If you want to increase the productivity and performance of your workforce, then it is essential that the staff should be motivated towards achieving the goals. Any organization which has a focus to achieve certain aims needs to take its employees on board, so that everyone works in a certain direction, committed towards achieving a certain objective. But if the employees lack motivation, then low productivity and dissatisfaction are bound to be the results. If you wish to avoid the issues that arise from a lack of motivation, or simply wish to give your employees morale a definite boost, then use the following tips to ensure a highly motivated workforce.

Learn What People Want

Motivation is different for each of your employees. Every employee has a different motivation for why they work. But we all work because we obtain something that we need from working. The something that we need that we obtain from work has an impact on our morale and motivation.

Set Realistic Goals

How can you help a co-worker or reporting staff member find motivation at work? You can create a work environment that provides the greatest possibility for employees to achieve individual or group goals.

A motivating work environment provides clear direction so that employees know what is expected of them. Hand-in-hand with clear direction, employees should have goals that fit within the company's strategic framework.

Provide Employee Recognition

Employee recognition can increase motivation when it is offered and implemented effectively. It is one of the keys to successful employee motivation. Employee recognition follows trust as a factor in employee satisfaction with their supervisor and their workplace. In this instance, the stick should yield to the carrot.

Use Training and Development for Motivation

Want to keep your staff motivated about learning and work? The quality and the variety of the training options that you supply for employees is a key for motivation.

You can provide training including new employee on boarding, management development and new concepts for a work group, team building, and how to operate a new computer system. They all add to a working environment that employees would be proud to call home.

Provide Autonomy to High-Performing Employees

The challenge in any work environment is to create a culture in which people are motivated by their work. Too often, organizations fail to pay attention to the issues that are most important to employees: relationships, communication, recognition, and involvement.

Workers who perform well should not be rewarded by having a manager who is always looking over their shoulder. If an employee is performing well, no need to watch every little thing they do.

Celebrate Holidays and Create Traditions

Traditions are as important in organizations as they are in families. Nothing is more important for employee motivation than the annual traditions workplaces create for seasonal holidays.

A holiday celebration builds positive morale, which results in increased motivation. High morale and motivation contribute to team building and productivity. Try some holiday and tradition celebrations to build positive morale and motivation in your workplace.

Promote Your Personal Growth and Motivation

No matter how positive your workplace culture and environment are, you have the starring role in promoting your personal growth and motivation. You can promote your own personal growth, motivation, and career development to overcome boredom, inertia, and staleness.

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