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Money & Relationship challenges in life

Money & Relationship is the two biggest challenge every people have on this earth. Truly speaking this is the only two challenges any human being can have while living on this planet.

If you ask anybody to write down all problem and challenges they have in their life they might write many, but if you start analysing all those problems one by one, you will be surprised to know that all those problems finally discovered to into either Money or Relationship problem.

The interesting point here is that, why Money & Relationship is the only two challenge anybody can have while they are alive. And before I explain you lets understand how big this challenge is there globally.

As per a research only 8% of the people in this world are financially free. And even the definition of this financial freedom is very thin and limited to having own house and being capable of managing their well being without doing any work to earn money.

As per another research around 98% of the financial free and rich people have bigger and visible relationship problems. Which is around three to four time higher than the average people in that country.

The research further states that around 95% of the relationship problem is due to financial reason across the people on this earth. The 92% people who are financially not free, their Money and financial challenge is the biggest problem they have in their life and family which makes the relationship problem secondary and most of the time not visible and suppressed by the family members.

Now the question is that why this Money & Relationship is the only two big problem every people have on this earth.

In order to understand this, we need to understand some basics of “Human Design” which further explains that all the human being in this world, irrespective of their financial and intellectual status operates from three basic fundamental attributes of mind which is “Fear”, “Anger” & “Guilt”.

Where “Fear” the most important attribute of the human being is sourced from Money & Life.

Let’s understand this with an example of current lock-down due to corona virus pandemic worldwide. Due to this lock-down peoples are in fear and this fear is only for two reason, Money and Life. Money which is sourced from Job and Business, people are in fear of losing their job and business getting badly impacted due to lock-down and global economic slowdown post lock-down in year 2020. The 2nd fear is the fear of losing life of self, relative and citizens around the globe in many countries. So even in this #covid19 pandemic the fear and challenge is of losing Money & Relationship only. Being at home lots of relationship related issue has already started and even getting reported in media globally.

Hope you must have enjoyed reading about the money and relationship challenges. Do comment and write me your further query and concern you might have relating to Money & Relationship challenges you are facing in your life.

I am a life and business doctor, helping people to diagnose their problem and challenges in their life, career and business and able to provide solution to those problem based on my research and understanding of human design and business in 23+ years of my experience resolving Money & Relationship problems of individuals and corporates globally in 150+ countries.

Please visit to know more about me and contribution I want to do for the man kind by introducing them to universe of abundance of financial freedom and self-expression. 

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