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Why People Do, What they do?

Wisdom & Desire is the two natural characteristics of all Soul; based on the level of consciousness your soul utilizes its wisdom to create the Desire"

This desire makes people to do the things they are doing in their day to day life.

Following are some of the Desire for the reason people to the things they do, by improving you consciousness level you can empower your wisdom to create fulfilling desire for you:

1. The Need: The famous need theory of Abraham Mallow's which starts from basic survival need of food, shelter, cloth and safety and moves upward to belonging and love then your self Esteem needs and finally self actualization. Unfortunately 80% of the population in this earth is still struggling and doing the things to manage their survival, safety and basic social needs.

2. Selfish Intention – what is it for me, what benefit I will get from doing this and finally what I will get out of this is very common now a day’s almost everybody in this world talks the same language and works with same motive. Hope we can create some exception.

3. Just because they have to do it they do, the typical example is the employee mind set work, there is no passion or motivation but they still do the work knowing that if they will not work the survival will be difficult. Most of the people in this earth especially in our country are in this category.

4. Attention and Affection – Being human it is integral to have the desire to be the object of affection for another person, and often to gain the attention from all other you interact with.

5. People in defense and social organizations do the things with sense of duty and Pride like patriotism, nationalism, volunteerism and social well being.

6. Doing things out of love and kindness for the benefit of others is highly satisfying and the best to do the things for mankind. Were ever it is possible we all should explore the opportunity to do things with Love.

7. My Passion is my love; my favorite thing to do is pursue my passions of writing and coaching, where I empower people to take charge of their challenges relating to life, money, relationship and business. This creates a universe of success and satisfied people in my world which gives me peace and freedom.

8. For me its Self-Actualization and Fulfillment, it gives me real peace and freedom.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this, do share your stories and thought about “Why you do what you do” and how you feel doing what you are doing and if I can be of any help in finding out the reason for you to do what will make you more happy and complete.

I am Dr. Dhirendra Gautam, a business doctor and leadership Coach; I Empower people to transform their Life, finance and business and introduce then to the world of love and abundance. Do visit our website to find my wisdom I share with mankind.

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