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Trust me; I am a Life and Business Doctor

You can trust me; I am a life and business Doctor, I can diagnose and identify problems in your life and provide the solution based on my research and experience in understanding human design and business in 23+ years of my career as human design professional, entrepreneur and corporate business leader managing the business and finance of the corporate in more than 140 countries.

I am not an expert or a teacher or a coach or trainer or mentor or healer. I am a life Doctor. You do not require to believe me without knowing and understanding the process.  You should not have blind faith in me, you should understand, analyse, test and only if my diagnostics and solution is able to resolve your challenges you should believe in my discovery and framework, which I have developed for resolving the problems of human beings scientifically and 1st time on this earth.

But how to handle the life and relationship challenges of an individual and corporate was always a puzzle, in spite of being in life transformation coaching from the best of experts in the world.

In my 23+ years of corporate career, I have very closely observed and experienced the life, money and relationship challenges of big corporate leaders, business owners, professionals, executives and many other peoples including the peoples with multi millions of money and wealth in position.

1st time my success of being a finance expert and Global CFO was getting self-challenged and making me more vulnerable and insecure. One thing was very clear that “Without transforming the individual, we can not transform his career or business”

I left my corporate life and started doing research (PhD) to understand the human design to further understand the role of individuals in success and failure of their life, career and business they manage. And how they are impacting the two major problem in their life the “Money” and “Relationship”. This was very important for me to understand as 98% of the peoples on this earth is suffering from money and relationship challenges in their life. It took me four year to complete my research and I am able to decode the creation and operation of the “Human Design” with help of my guide and understand how people operate in this world and how they impact their life, Relationship and Money.

On the basis of the outcome of my research, I developed a life and business empowering framework which is scientifically designed to transform people life from their current stage of being in their life, Career, Business, Profession, money & Relationship and grappling in the challenges of success and failure.

Through this framework peoples are able to do their self-discovery by understanding, listening and doing the logical exercise created in the different steps of the discovery model.

My research-based framework is able to empower the life of many individuals, business owners and professionals with remarkable result, where they are further able to transformed their life, career, business and profession with ensured success and able to achieve their self-expression, fulfilment and peace.

I am looking forward to collaborate with peoples like you to take my discovery around the globe and empower many more people. If you feel collaborating do let me know and you can have the opportunity to introduce this wisdom to the humanity you care.

Please visit to know more about me and contribution I want to do for the man kind by introducing them to universe of abundance of financial freedom and self-expression. 

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