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Start Loving Yourself and Your Life

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

It’s important to love the life you have, as this will generally improve your happiness

1. Whose Life is This, Anyway? It's time to define your own reality and create the life that will make you happy. This is your life. Create your own standard to measure your success. Many of us have been brainwashed into believing society's definition of success: lots of money, a high-powered job, a picture-perfect family, a big extravagant home and a beautiful body. This might work for some people, but all too often we are left feeling dissatisfied, restless and sad. We can't all squeeze ourselves into the same mold, and we shouldn't want to. Take some time to figure out what you really want out of life and then develop a strategy to achieve it.

2. Nurture Yourself. Be good to yourself. Be kind to yourself. Love yourself. If you are hurting or sad or lonely, honor that. Make time for yourself. Let yourself heal. Don't expect so much of yourself. Life can be downright brutal. Let the love within you and others carry you through. In time, you will see how much you have learned. It is worth the journey.

3. Love Your Body. It houses your spirit; it gets you what you need. Appreciate what your body can do and stop focusing on what it can't. No one else's body would be better for you. (Being thinner or better looking is not more valuable.) If you are not the most stunning person in town, then perhaps this makes you more approachable to others. Even if you have a physical disability, there is a reason for this. It is not to cause you suffering, rather it is an opportunity for you to grow or to understand or appreciate something in life. Perhaps this will be the vehicle through which you meet a kindred spirit or discover some hidden talent within you. Be at peace and trust that your soul is beautiful and so are you.

4. Notice the Positive Side of Life. Even though we are surrounded with love and positive things every day, the negative side of life seems to get a lot more publicity. Too many negative images sap us of our optimism. So don't make a constant diet of negative people, newscasts, angry music, violent movies, and conflict. Surround yourself with happy, positive people and situations whenever you can.

5. Challenge Yourself

Often we drift through our days without ever really challenging ourselves or doing anything that makes us feel truly alive. If you feel you need to break out of a rut, add some excitement and a sense of adventure to your life by stepping out of your comfort zone and setting yourself some goals and objectives. Whether you want to take on a physical challenge, break a record, achieve a short-term goal or accomplish a life-long dream, decide on something you would like to achieve and formulate a plan to make it happen.

6. Appreciate The Small Things

We often spend our time looking forward to the next ‘big thing’ or exciting event in our lives and awaiting our next shot of happiness. However, to truly love your life you need to start appreciating every day and those little things that make you happy. Make a list of the day-to-day things that make you happy – such as having your favorite lunch, listening to your favorite song or having breakfast in bed – and make sure you schedule one of these treats into every day.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this, do share your thought and queries relating to this. You can also share your challenges relating to your life and business with us and we would like to provide the appropriate solution.

Dr. Dhirendra Gautam, a business doctor and leadership Coach; he empowers people to transform their Life, finance and business and introduce then to the world of financial freedom and fulfilment. For business owners & Cxo’s we offer specialized Business coaching Program Namely; Empower your Business (EYB), Empower your Life (EYL) and Empower your Carrier (EYC). Do visit our website to find his wisdom he shares with mankind.

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