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Looking for your Dream job!!! Are you at Market Ready Condition?

If you are looking for a dream job or temporarily unemployed or striving for an internal promotion or an active job seeker then this article can be helpful to you. But before I should write what you should do to get you a better job, I would like to share one of my recent experience which is not only very relevant but an eye opening for the all active job seekers specially if you are targeting a Managerial position in a professionally managed company.

While leading the corporate restructuring assignment of a sizable company I had to replace three key leadership positions which board of directors wanted to do very confidentially and onboard best of the talent in the industry at very competitive compensation.

So we called the two leading recruitment agencies of the country to discuss our recruitment strategy and how we should move forward. In my discussion with the chief recruitment officers of those firms I realize that there is huge miss-match between what an employer need in an employee willing to join his organization and what Employees or Job seekers offer at large.

Industry, business and corporate had changed a lot in last two decades but the employees and the Job seekers still offers the same what they used to do twenty years back. Where is Transformation? Organizations are transforming themselves to become world class. Where are the world class leaders who will lead and manage these businesses? If you are looking for a exciting growth career transform your leadership capabilities.

Most of the Jobs are not published in the public domain or on job portal, the top leadership positions are head hunted. The ease of technology had enabled job seekers to email their CV and literally apply for all jobs available publicly but how relevant there thousands of CV’s are there for the recruiter? The job seeker never bothers and as a result they never get any response from the employer. It gets lost in the few seconds of screening.

Create value of your work profile in spite of searching and applying for Jobs; offer and display your value proposition and the employers and head hunters will search you for the most valuable position they have matching your capabilities.

Make yourself at market ready condition. Employers and companies do not have time and budget to fund your training and probation period. Even market competition does not provide any room for those handover and training; they are looking for experienced professional with matching skill set to be productive from the day one of their new job. Invest in practicing new skills and competencies otherwise your competitor (the other job seeker) will take your job and soon you will be unemployed

Do not apply for any jobs that have something matching with your CV; that might be just your qualification. Qualification is always been a qualifying and short listing criteria for a job it’s never been a requirement for getting that JOB. For example if the job position is for a Finance Director being CA/CMA/CPA with 15 years of experience should be eligibility criteria to be shortlisted for the Job.

Your functional skills and leadership competencies which are going to help you in getting your dream job not you knowledge or qualification. Sharpen your leadership capabilities. We coach and mentor finance professional on twenty financial capabilities and 11 leadership competencies to upgrade you skills and competencies at market ready condition which is required by the big corporate now a days.

There are thousands of job vacancies with the leading MNC in each country and they are not able to find the perfect fit for those position. Sharpen your edge and get equipped with the skills and competencies they are looking for.

Get market ready condition to get head hunted.

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