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How to influence people!!!

How to influence people!!! A very relevant and important question everybody wants to know. And why not? Influencing is one of the most critical skills for all of us to grow our career or business and ultimately becoming successful in whatever we do.

As an entrepreneur or business executive you need to be expert in influencing people like your internal and external stakeholder and your team to achieve the expected result.

To me the simplest answer for how to influence people is to “Solve their Problem” and once you are able to solve their problem you become the influencer in the eyes of that person.

So in order to become an influencer you have to be a problem solver and for this you should have the requisite skills and competencies to analyse the problems first and later solving the problems.

And the good news is that there is one very simple way you can solve any type of problem whether it’s you own problem or the Problem of anybody else.

And here is that simple problem solving technique:

1. First ask the person to write his problem on the paper and then

2. Tel him to write at least three different ways that problem can be solved and

3. Finally ask him to select the most appropriate option he or she feels can solve their problem and start working on that and very soon you realise the problem is no more.

Here it is very important to understand why three options are required to solve the problem: If you have only one option this is not the option to solve the problem and if you have two options then there is a chance of 50-50% to get the problem solved. But if you have three options I am sure the problem will get solved for sure.

Solve your problem to become successful and try to become an influencer by solving others problem.

welcome to Entrepreneurship 7.0

In order to succeed in your business and career it is vary important that your product or service is either solving the problems of the mankind or adding the value.

Why not you try this problem solving approach and let me know how your problem is getting solved by this method, I would love to hear your response and any further query you have in your mind and you might need my help.

Happy reading and have a good time.

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