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Foundations of Entrepreneurship

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Let us know about entrepreneurs before we get to know about entrepreneurship like who are entrepreneurs? Who can be entrepreneurs? Etc.

So an entrepreneur is someone who develops a business model that acquires the necessary, physical and human capital to start a new venture and operational and it is responsible for its success or failure. And Entrepreneurship is the process of starting a business or an organization for profit or for social needs.

Entrepreneur should have an innovation which can be game changing idea or a potentially new concept that can succeed in crowded market place. Entrepreneur needs to have excellent organizational and people management skills as he or she has to build an organization. The entrepreneur should be a leader who can inspire his or her employees. This means that leadership values, team building skills and managerial abilities are the key skills and attributes that an entrepreneur needs to have.

Just remember, Entrepreneurship is not a destination; it’s a Journey. On this journey, successful entrepreneurs don’t have an expectation of arriving to some finish line. It gives you the strength and motivation to continue to put in the work that helps you develop the business.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this, do share your thought and queries relating to this. You can also share your challenges relating to your life and business with us and we would like to provide the appropriate solution.

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