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Disruption in automobile sector to facilitate the abundance

The #disruptive concepts of Electric vehicles are going to #transform the #automobile industry into an energy industry where the #manufacturer, #customers and utility company all will be making #money. It is a whole new world of #abundance

EV manufacturers will be able to aggregate the energy on their networks and sell access to their “virtual power plants.”

Let me explain this with an example, suppose an EV manufacturing company say #Tata makes 500,000 EV in year 2018 with battery sizes ranging from 60 -110 kWh. For calculation purpose let’s assume an average battery size in the EVs is approx. 80 kilowatt hour (kWh). So with 500,000 EV (500,000 X 80kWh = 40gigawatt) the company with its customer network will have the capacity of 40 gigawatt hours of storage.

A nuclear plant on average produce one gigawatt of electricity; so just imagine the EV manufacture #Tata will be producing the equivalent of 40 nuclear power plants worth of storage, at least, per year through its EV customers network.

I strongly believe that in a country like #India, along with #government we all the citizens should promote this EV initiative towards pollution free initiative with no dependencies on imported Oils and gasoline and there is an opportunity to make money too.

Hope you would like this, do share your thoughts and I will be happy to interact with you.

I #transform #business and #careers to take them at next level of #growth and #prosperity.

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