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Empower Your Business (EYB)

You can transform the world

We empower business owners, leaders, organizations and startups with skills, mindset and network to undertake the biggest challenges of their business and life. See how you can empower yours.

Dr. D's Life, Business & Leadership Coaching

We Coach and Empower Business leaders and CxO’s with research based patented framework / too to help discover their oneself to further transform and resolve their challenges in Life, Career, Business & Relationship with assured success.

Empowering Organisations

Transform your Business I Mentor your Board I Coach your CxO  

If your business is not Growing profitable as per your expectation.
I can "Empower" you & "Turnaround" your business to grow profitable.
If you are a CEO, CxO & Function head & Looking for a Growth in career with better Job & Fulfilling Life.
I can empower you to a better you. 
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 Life Doctor & Leadership Coach Specialized in Business Turnaround & CxO Coaching

Dr. Dhirendra Gautam has Empowered

thousands of people to move closer to their goal of becoming a

CxO & Business Leader 

Are your the next ?....

Discover how Dr. D can Empower & transform

your Life & Business

Transform your business to take it to the Next level of

Growth & Profitability 

95% of Business fails due to "Financial Mismanagement" 

Learn the Money Management Skills to become successful "Entrepreneur"

Specially Designed Training for Business Owners by Global CFO

in "Hindi" & "English" 

Specialized Business Coaching for Business owners & CxO

Leadership Training & CxO Coaching Delivers 10x result in optimizing and transforming the business process, people and technologies across the organization if delivered by a capable Coach.

So it is very important for the organization to engage a coach with hands on expertise in CxO coaching with proven credibility. 


We empower the business owners & CxO with Entrepreneurship 7.0 skills to build commitment and deliver profitable growth. 

Some of Our Commitments

  • Improve Profitability by optimizing your business People, Process & Technologies

  • Structured road map for consistent Sales Growth

  • Build and Develop an winning culture in your Organization

  • Transform your businesses to “Auto-Pilot”

  • Develop your Capital Road map for Financial Freedom

  • Become a Multiplier to Double your business year on year

  • Better Survival & Growth in economic Slowdown

  • Adopt New Age business model for Wealth creation

  • Grow and Go- Global transform business to a Enterprise 

  • Take your Business Public & IPO

Your Commitment to Create Unbelievable and Unstoppable Results in

Your Business & Life

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