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Dr. Dhirendra Gautam

CFO. Leadership Coach. Life Doctor. Author. Innovator

Coaching & Training Programs
by Dr. Dhirendra Gautam

Dr. Dhirendra Gautam

has Empowered & Transformed

thousands of people around the world to resolve their Life, career, business & Relationship challenges and move closer to their goal of becoming a

Certified Chartered Coach (ACC, PCC & MCC) and

CxO & Business Leader 

Are your the next ?....

My Book

Money & Relationship Challenges

To resolve Job, Career, Business & Relationship Problems in your Life.

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Start Your Journey of self "Transformation"
with Dr.D. & India Coaching Federation (ICF)

Become a "ICf" certified coach

We help you discover the coach within; who can stand in front of any client and confidently say that, i will help you resolve your life, career, business & relationhsip problem or i will not charge any fees

empower your life

 We empower human beings to rediscover who you are and experience the limitless love & abundance inside you to build a better world you live in.

empower your career

We equip CxO & business leaders with skills & Competencies to transform their career to become a successful business leader & execution expert to lead global businesses and grow them profitable

empower your business

We empower business owners, leaders, organisations and startups with skills, mindset and network to undertake the biggest challenges of their business and life. See how you can empower yours.

Book an one hours Free
Empowering session with Dr.D


One to one session to transform your Life, Career, Business & Relationship

Past Participants of our "Leadership Development" & "Coach Certification" Programs
with Dr.D. & India Coaching Federation (ICF)

Bappadit Roay - 2_edited.png

Bappadit Roy

President Corporate Solution  Alliance Insurance

Rakesh Mohan Tahilianey_edited.png

Rakesh Mohan Tahilianey

Senior Director, SOLV SCB group

Sagar Gosalia.jpg

Sagar Gosalia

Director, PepsiCo

Gaurav Nanda 2_edited.png

Gaurav Nanda

VP,  Aditya Birla Group

Suresh Shetye.jfif

Suresh Shety

ICF Master Coach

Khushboo Sharma.jpg

Khushboo Sharma

ICF Master Coach

Prakash Nairr.jfif

Prakash Nairr

ICF Master Coach

Bharti Chauhan.jfif

Bharti Chauhan

ICF Master Coach

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Dr.D share his expression to empower people to help resolve their life, career, business & relationship

Listen in

In Self-Expression with Dr. D.

Dr.D share his expression to empower people to help resolve their life, career, business & relationship

Latest Episodes

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