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My Story

After serving in corporate for around 16 years as Global CFO and Director Finance with global MNC’s; I started my entrepreneurship journey in 2014 as a corporate advisor and business consultant primarily transforming the business and optimizing the profitability of the organizations to take their business to the next level of growth and profitability.


My journey as entrepreneur in these 5 years was very impactful where I was able to add great value, grew businesses, optimized profitability and solved many problems of 50+ business organizations in diverse business sectors with size ranging from 20 Crs. to 10,000 Crs.

I was happy with my business success but not satisfied because in the same last 5 years, I witnessed six of my clients losing their business, closing operation and many of them suffering personally impacting their health and family.

Though my relationship with these adversely impacted companies were limited to professional business consulting engagements only; their suffering as business owner and impact on their families deeply impacted me. It disturbed me personally and I decided to go to the root level and find the solution so that none of my existing and future business clients come into this situation.

My one year of investigation and research took me to learn, understand and get certified in the framework of Human design by which all human being in this universe operates. Business owners are also human beings who operates in same framework and impacts its business and resources. Unless the business owner and its top executives understand this framework, it is difficult to transform the business completely.

I Dhirendra Gautam, now declare myself as a certified “Human Design Professional for Business owners & Entrepreneurs”. I take the responsibility to introduce peoples to the universe of abundance of Financial freedom and self-expression.

Now I engage with business owners and empower them as Business Coach on my proprietary Human Design framework with guaranteed success in their business and full satisfaction in their life.

My journey of self-expression, peace and satisfaction which started in 2014, is expanding in my tribe.


Corporate Journey

After completing my article ship training in 1998, I joined Motorola as Asst. Manager and soon assumed the responsibility of business process re-engineering at various location in India for business process optimization and ERP implementation in the company. While serving in Delhi and later in Mumbai office due to some personal reason I could not agree to relocate to eastern part of India and I resigned from the company in year 2000. 

In year 2000, I joined Unilever Arabia in the Walls ice-cream business as Asst. Manager where I was responsible for Financial accounting and MIS reporting. After being in that position for around 6 month I got the confidence to put a detail proposal to my Finance director to close the walls ice-cream business in Arabia as this business was not making any business sense. In 2003 the board decided to close the ice-cream operation in Arabia / GCC and I got the responsibility to sell the factory and handle the redundancy of all the 200+ employees in the company.

In year 2004, Unilever acquired Best foods worldwide in $24 billion and I was made incharge to the M&A of Best Food operation in Arabia, in record 9 month we completed the acquisition and integrated the business with Unilever Arabia.

In 2004 end I took over the responsibility of the one of the biggest HPC factory of Unilever Arabia as Finance Manager where I was closely associated in the business operation as supply-chain business partner.  Understanding the business challenges and resource issue in 2005 I put up a proposal to centralize the total finance function in Unilever Arabia of all 12 legal entity and 7 geographical location to a central place in Dubai.

Management agreed and we setup the Finance Shared Service center for Unilever Arabia and I took the charge of Head of finance of the FSS. After managing the operation for a year in 2006 we outsourced the total FSS function to Unilever India. I had an opportunity to move in other Unilever location as finance director but I choose to join Pepsi as director finance and planning in 2006.

In Pepsi, I got the opportunity to prepare the strategic for 3 years and operation plan of the company where we launched Tropicana juice, Lemonade, Gatorade and Aquafina water in the region. Tropicana juice and water plant started commercial operation, ERP got implemented and 30 new warehouses got expanded in my tenure till 2008. It was the best profitable business with 92% market share for Pepsi.

In 2009 I joined Al khodari group as Group CFO for the billion-dollar infrastructure and real-estate business based in Saudi Arabia having operation in middle-east and Africa. I got an opportunity to transform the business from a family owned partnership firm to a Joint stock Holding and several subsidiary companies. Did few M&A for the group, secured multi billion funding and leaded the company to successful IPO. It was the 1st ever non-banking company to get listed in Saudi Arabia.

In 2011, I decided to pursue my passion to start my own consulting company in India and I convinced by great friend and Al Khodari CEO to relieve and relocated back to India. But another friend of me, the CEO of SuperMax world wanted me to join their company to takeout the company from the financial challenges. And Finally, I Joined them back in 2011 as Global CFO managing the business worldwide in 150 countries. I leaded the corporate restructuring process for the group globally and Managed $275 million equity investment in the company. Handled the global operation of the company for some time and again decided to come back in India to pursue my passion in 2014.

16 year of my corporate carrier was full of value addition with wonderful achievements and learning in my personal and professional life. I travelled more than 70 countries worked with 36 nationalities in my team and achieve my financial freedom.

In 2014 I formally started my journey of being a business owner and entrepreneur with Indiba Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. based in Mumbai, serving clients in India and Abroad in Business transformation, Financial advisory and ERP SAP implementation.


Education Journey

I did my schooling from a beautiful village named Satpura in Bihar, India and completed my 10th in 1987 from state board in Hindi medium with 87% marks. The junior college period was bit distractive where 23 people in my joint family wanted me to go for engineering and I was interested in theatre and finally settle for 2nd class in 1989.

Impressed with the financial and economic reform by then finance minister Dr. Manmohan Singh in the country, I was attracted toward pursuing carrier in finance & Business and decided to appeared for ICWA foundation exam and cleared with 94% marks. After clearing the intermediate level in 1994, for finals I relocated to New Delhi and there I joined the CA article ship training also.

In 1996, I passed the final ICWA exam and become a professional Cost and Management accountant and in 1998, I cleared the CA final exam also and completed my Chartered Accountant certification.

In 2005 while working with Unilever, I decided to do some research in business management and enrolled myself for Ph. D. program and finally in 2011 I got awarded with Ph. D. in Business management for my work in “Impact of Leadership style, work culture and Empowerment on organizational effectiveness.


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