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Success Stories:

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

1. A Successful Business Man:

A successful business man with joint family business of three brothers having both business and relationship issue among the family members. Business is declining due to lack of ownership and almost all members in family had relationship issue with other. After our EYB & L coaching the elder brother moved out from the family business, started his own new venture, did the valuation of family business and handed over to his two younger brothers. His new venture is doing good, wife recovered from depression and his family living in a rented house with peace and fulfilment

2. A Professional Entrepreneur:

A professional entrepreneur started his business after leaving the highly paid job. The 1st business failed badly and need to sell his parental property to recover from. In my mentorship started his new business with Rs. 20 lakhs in 2014 now it’s a Rs. 40 crore company.

3. A Professional Executive of MNC in Leadership Position:

A very highly qualified professional working in an MNC in senior position had big problem with his divorce case with his spouse from last three years. He was not ready to sign the papers as he still loves his wife and looking for some miracle to happen. During our EYL coaching one day he went in court and signed all the divorce papers and honoured freedom to her wife and peace and fulfilment for self. He said to me “for my love I do not want to create any more pain to her and their family” it’s already 3 years.

4. A Single women:

A single woman, with high depression and under medication for last 2 year joined our Empower your life Program.  After separation from her spouse around a  year back she even lost her job also. Both health and financial situation was deteriorating day by day. After completion of EYL coaching she discovered her “self” & potential she is holding inside her..  She is completely out of medication, depression and joined a company with better salary.

There are many success story of people's empowerment and transformation of their life, career and business is getting creating every month by Dr. Gautam through his guaranteed success coaching program for any human being on this earth.

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