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Manage Staff Conflicts

Conflict is inevitable when a team works closely together; however, if a leader does not confront conflict and allows it to fester, the work environment can become toxic. A manager who avoids conflict and put up a facade of harmony unknowingly creates disruption between the employees. It is the responsibility of the manager to act before healthy tension turns into chaos. To help you manage staff conflict and keep your workplace healthy, here are few ways to manage staff conflict.

Respect Differences

Respect the differences in people rather than exerting your authority and imposing your will every time, and try to see things from different perspectives so that you can avoid conflict in the future. As the workplace becomes increasingly diverse, conflict resolution is no more black or white, it is shades of grey. By respecting unique differences in individuals, you comprehend how to manage conflict with people in general.

Right Timing

Let’s admit it, at times, conflict cannot be avoided; therefore, leaders who invest their time and energy in avoiding conflict regret it later, they need to focus on managing it thus. Timing is key when it comes to effectively managing conflicts. The right time to take action is when you have proof that the performance of others is negatively being impacted by the wrongdoing of an employee, for instance. Waiting too long will put your reputation at risk.

Confront the Tension

Doing things that others do not like is what leadership is all about, conflict resolution being one. However, conflict should be confronted head-on. Take charge and address the conflict before things go haywire. Allowing conflict to fester is a no-no. Waiting for others to do your work because you were hesitant is failure on part of the manager.

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