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Life & Business Doctor (Coach)

Empowering Peoples to Transform their 

Life, Career, Profession and Business

Transforming Life and Empowering Businesses

with guaranteed result

Ex. Global CFO & Director Finance SuperMax World, Al Khodari Group,

Unilever, Pepsi & Motorola

“Empower your Life to transform your Business” coaching is based on Dr. Dhirendra Gautam’s 23+ years of success in leading and managing the global business in 150 countries. The key to bring the guaranteed success through his coaching is based on his research (Ph.D.) in business management and people’s transformation, where he is able to decode the construct of human design and its impact on two major problem of everyone’s life “Money” & “Relationship”

Through his Business, Life & Career coaching he is introducing people to the universe of abundance of  “Financial Freedom” & “Self- Expression”


Do your have any Life, career & Business challenges ?

During His Coaching your will learn how to solve your all problem relating to 

Money (Business) & Relationship (Life) 


Your will be able to resolve at least one of your Business, Life, Career, Money or Relationship problem in 1st session of  his coaching


By 10th session almost all your business, life, career, money or relationship challenges will be resolved.


Unique life & Business Coaching model, 1st of its kind in the world with guaranteed result.


We provide Coaching on a scientifically designed content-based framework developed based on the research and discovery in business and Life Coaching


There are many case study and example of people’s transformation for their life & Business with remarkable result.


We take the responsibility to empower your life to transform your business, career, money and relationship challenges.

Discover our three flagship Coaching Program for 

your Life, Business & Career

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Empower your Life (EYL)

We empower human beings to rediscover who you are and experience the limitless love & abundance inside you to build a better world you live in.

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Empower Your Business (EYB)

We empower business owners, leaders, organisations and startups with skills, mindset and network to undertake the biggest challenges of their business and life. See how you can empower yours.


Empower your Career (EYC)

We equip CxO & business leaders with skills & Competencies to transform their career to become a successful business leader & execution expert to lead global businesses and grow them profitable

Success Stories

A successful business man with joint family business of three brothers having both business and relationship issue among the family members. Business is declining due to lack of ownership and almost all members in family had relationship issue with other. After our EYB & L coaching the elder brother moved out from the family business, started his own new venture, did the valuation of family business and handed over to his two younger brothers. His new venture is doing good, wife recovered from depression and his family living in a rented house with peace and fulfilment

A professional entrepreneur started his business after leaving the highly paid job. The 1st business failed badly and need to sell his parental property to recover from. In my mentorship started his new business with Rs. 20 lakhs in 2014 now it’s a Rs. 40 crore company.

A very highly qualified professional working in an MNC in senior position had big problem with his divorce case with his spouse from last three years. He was not ready to sign the papers as he still loves his wife and looking for some miracle to happen. During our EYL coaching one day he went in court and signed all the divorce papers and honoured freedom to her wife and peace and fulfilment for self. He said to me “for my love I do not want to create any more pain to her and their family” it’s already 3 years.

A single woman, with high depression and under medication for last 2 year joined our Empower your life Program.  After separation from her spouse around a  year back she even lost her job also. Both health and financial situation was deteriorating day by day. After completion of EYL coaching she discovered her “self” & potential she is holding inside her..  She is completely out of medication, depression and joined a company with better salary.

There are many success story of people's emporment and transformation of their life, career and business is getting creating every month by Dr. Gautam through his guarenteed success coaching program for any human being on this earth.

My Story


Dr. Dhirendra Gautam

(Ph.D., CA, CMA, ICWA)

Ex. Global CFO & Director Finance SuperMax World, Al Khodari Group, Unilever, Pepsi & Motorola

I completed my research and awarded with Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Business Management to coach business owners and Professionals on this research-based framework of human design.

My journey of self-expression, peace and satisfaction which started in 2014, is expanding in my tribe.

I “Introduce People to the universe of abundance of Financial Freedom and Self-expression”.

I am a leadership Advisor and Business Coach. Empowering Business owners & Professional and transforming their Life & business through my research-based Business Coaching framework and my discovery in human design of peoples and Entrepreneurs.

After serving in corporate for around 16 years as global CFO and other leadership role; I started my entrepreneurship journey in 2014 as a corporate advisor and business consultant primarily transforming the business and optimizing the profitability of the organizations to take their business to the next level of growth and profitability.

My journey as entrepreneur in the last 6 years was very impactful where I was able to add great value to grew businesses, optimized profitability and solved many problems of 50+ business organizations in diverse business sectors with size ranging from $1 million to $2 billion.

I was happy with my own business success but not satisfied because in last couple of years, I witnessed few of my clients losing their business, closing operation and many of them suffering personally and impacting their health and family.

Though my relationship with these adversely impacted companies were limited to professional business consulting engagements only; their suffering as business owner and impact on their families and employees deeply impacted me.

It disturbed me personally and I decided to go to the root level and find the solution so that none of my existing and future business clients come into this situation of suffering.

If you are looking for your self-expression & Fulfilment do connect me at:


Mobile:        +91 9987454045






My years of research, analysis and discussion with many expert and people around the world made me to learn and understand the framework of business and Human design by which all human being in this universe operates. Business owners are also human beings who operates in same framework and impacts its business and resources. Unless the business owner and its leadership team understand these frameworks, it is difficult to transform the business completely.

Dr. Gautam's Talk Show of Financial Intelligence 

(In "Hindi" & "English")

Where he answers all Money and Relationship related questions of peoples asked during the week.